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As long as we hear a lot about royal honey and its health and sexual benefits, what is the truth behind it? Learn about it in the next article.
Royal honey has many benefits for the body. What is this honey and its effect on human health?
What is royal honey?
Royal honey is honey that is produced by young bees and it contains a high amount of proteins necessary for the body.
Bees produce this honey precisely for different reasons than other honey, as it is considered the main source of the Queen’s food in the hive, hence its name.
Eating this honey by the queen contributes to increasing its size and developing ovaries, in addition to increasing its life by about 20 times more compared to normal bees.
It is possible to store about 500 grams of royal honey within 5-6 months in a beehive, and this is a huge amount that the queen cannot eat, so that farmers can get it and sell it because of its many benefits.
Royal honey benefits
The benefits associated with eating royal honey include:
1- Rich in essential and necessary nutrients
Royal honey contains many vitamins and minerals important to the body, such as calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin B group and folate.
Besides, royal honey is a source of more than 17 types of essential amino acids, among them 8 types that the body cannot manufacture on its own.
2- Regulating blood pressure
Numerous scientific studies have revealed that the proteins found in royal honey have a direct effect on the level of blood pressure in humans.
The protein in honey long-term affects the level of pressure, and if mixed with potassium, the pressure on the blood vessels and the heart decreases, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
3- Maintaining the cholesterol level
Although we consider sweet foods harmful for cholesterol, this rule does not apply to royal honey.
As research has shown that the inclusion of royal honey in the diet works to reduce bad cholesterol levels, which helps protect the heart and blood vessels.
4- Treating infertility problems
Some researchers believe that eating royal honey promotes sexual health and the treatment of infertility problems, due to the presence of a certain type of protein in it.
Where it was found that consuming royal honey helps it enhance the chances of pregnancy, in addition to increasing the quality of sperm in males.
5- It protects against various cancers
Royal honey contains a large amount of antioxidants, which reduce the risk of various types of cancer.
It has been found that these antioxidants work to block the substance bisphenol A associated with breast cancer.
6- Other health benefits of royal honey
As for the other health benefits associated with eating royal honey, they include:
Reducing the risk of infection
Slowing the aging process for skin and hair
Help lose weight
Boost metabolism
Improve the functioning of the immune system
Reducing menstrual pain
Speed ​​up the healing process.
Royal honey and sexual health
Royal honey is included in the composition of many different products such as the so-called groom mixture, which is frequently consumed by men because of its sexual impact.
Where a study published in the scientific journal (Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine) found that eating royal honey increases the number and quality of sperm and the level of testosterone, which reflects positively on the chances of pregnancy.

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